ETL (Extract, Transform and Load)

Automatically vacuum up data from different battery test hardwareSupported to date:​Admiral Instruments


Data Management

Backup,  organize metadata, and search through active and historical tests​

Electrochemical Analysis

Easily compare multiple datasets across different hardware brands generate templates for standard battery analysis:

Cycle statistics
Voltage profiles
Differential capacity analysis
EIS (coming soon)


Replace VBA macros with automated reporting to processes and summarize hundreds of datasets simultaneously.  

Astrolabe Analytics platform benefits

Of accuracy 
Of automated workflows
Seconds to obtain analysis and reports

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to your questions

Can you provide a non-cloud version of your software?

Yes, we can. However, this is a complicated option that requires a lot more effort to support compared to the cloud-based version.

Do you have a free trial subscription?

Yes, we do. You will have a 30 days free trial.

Is my data safe?

Sure! We take security very seriously and leverage the latest technologies to protect your privacy

What kinds of test equipment do you integrate with?

We process either native file formats or files converted to Excel from Admiral Instruments, Arbin, Biologic, Landt, Maccor, or Neware equipment. 

I have equipment from another vendor. Can you support that?

We are working our way down the list of major hardware vendors. We are happy to develop new integrations to ensure the success of a new project with you.

I already have some of my own scripts and VBA macros. How would that integrate with Astrolabe?

Our reporting services can be used to generate your desired output so that you don't need to run your macro over and over and over again.

Our Jupyter notebook project will allow you to sidestep data cleaning and apply your existing scripts to all your battery data.

Can you analyze EIS data?

Yes, coming soon!

Can you perform predictions with machine learning?

No, but coming later!

Please reach out to discuss any other questions you may have.


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